UW-MARC Research Team

The University of Wisconsin brings together a diverse and experienced team of individuals to conduct research with the Modified Asphalt Research Center. The team at UW-Madison includes faculty, research staff, graduate researchers and undergraduate students. Additional faculty members at other UW system campuses and other universities are also involved in the effort.


Prof. Hussain Bahia

Dr. Hussain Bahia
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

3350 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1691
United States

+1-608-265-4481 phone
+1-608-262-5199 fax

Research Associate

  • Husam Sadek

    Husam Sadek, Ph.D.


Graduate Students

  • Albert Kilger

    Albert Kilger

  • Zachary Lemke

    Zachary Lemke

  • Mohammed Rahaman

    Mohammed Rahaman

  • Abu Sufian

    Abu Sufian

Undergraduate Students

  • Sierra Huhnke

    Sierra Huhnke

  • Katherine Carlisle

    Katherine Carlisle

  • Sam Ferdig

    Sam Ferdig

  • Josh Lorenz

    Josh Lorenz

Visiting Scholars

  • Albert Kilger

    Jiwang Jiang

  • Zachary Lemke

    Quan "Mike" Lyu