About MARC

The Modified Asphalt Research Center at UW-Madison is an international center for fundamental and applied research toward superior asphalt paving technologies.

The center's mission is to create and disseminate knowledge and technologies necessary for engineering modified asphalts, leading to longer lasting HMA pavements that require less energy to build.

MARC conducts research and education activities related to modified asphalts. This includes binder lab testing, green mixes (high recycled content and reduced temperature), high-performance mixes (safe, quiet, designed for intersections, and traffic resistant), modeling, implementation, standards development, field validation/testing, and education/outreach (seminars, classes and student involvement).

MARC helps define, address and advance all aspects of modified asphalts, pursuing the most pressing and promising research needs for this growing technology, working across departments at UW and in cooperation with petroleum producers, additive manufacturers and industry stakeholders.